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How Yoga helps kids in social distancing during a pandemic

Ever wonder how the children in today’s world would describe the COVID-19 pandemic to their grandchildren? While this definitely isn’t an ideal situation for the human race, aren’t we all evolving in these tough times? Being confined at home for such a long period of time can be mentally challenging for adults as well as children. Just like adults, kids are also going through a lot of emotional and mental turmoil. While adults are still struggling to come to terms with the new normal post lockdown, kids are experiencing unusual meltdowns, tantrums, sleep issues, anxiety and stress. Research has proven that Yoga can help cope with the uncertainty. While most zones of the country are reopening with precautionary methods, the next big thing is looking at the kids’ zones to start operations. School, outdoor play and parks are a part of every child’s life, and it is important for us to educate them to follow safety norms while having fun and being outdoors. As for Yoga, here is how it can benefit kids: 1. Self-Awareness: Yoga helps in Self-Awareness. Notice kids playing at a park and you will realise they are so engrossed in play, that they lose track of everything else that surrounds them including time and hunger. However yoga helps create awareness. While kids can still continue to play, the awareness to follow some safety norms can combat unwanted trouble. 2. Pranayama – Pranayama, the practice of breath control in yoga, is considered as one of the best exercises for your lungs. As well as keep your respiratory and immune systems strong, helping you stay healthy and fit. Practicing some simple yoga breaths with kids can help them stay healthy and build their immunity. 3. Mindful meditation – is the psychological process of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, which one develops through the practise of meditation. Kids can be taught to meditate by using affirmation such as “ I am Healthy”, “I am Strong” and “Everything will be fine”etc. Mindful meditation can have immense health benefits including improved immune function and enhanced cognitive function. 4. Diet and Immunity – Yoga endorses healthy eating habits. One is taught to eat a variety of fresh and unprocessed foods every day to get the vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, protein and antioxidants your body needs. Drink enough water. Kids are advised to consume an unprocessed and protein-rich diet which again helps in building a strong and healthy system. 5. Sleep – Yoga helps sleep better. With a relaxed mind, healthy bedtime routine and a strong body, bedtime also gets easy and relaxing.

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