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About Owner & Founder- Sabrina Merchant

About Owner & Founder- Sabrina Merchant


Li’l Yogis, is an innovative and funfilled Yoga class that is curated exclusively for children. It was founded by Sabrina Merchant in December 2018 with the sole purpose of introducing yoga to children and to guide them towards a healthier lifestyle.

The sessions at Li'l Yogis are conducted in an open air studio in Suburban Mumbai. The breathtaking view of the sea combined with the cool refreshing air helps create a perfect learning environment and an atmosphere that helps lift the spirit and calm the senses. It also gives the little ones a much needed break from the usual air-conditioned 4- walled studios they are accustomed too.

The 60 mins class is held just once in a week with a new theme for every session. The children are taught yoga through interesting stories, fun-filled games and activities. The adeptly created powerful teaching techniques are creative and imaginative. The children are constantly engaged, enjoy learning yoga and look forward to these classes.

 Li'l Yogis aims to support and benefit each and every child attending the class. The classes help build attention span, encourages creativity, ingenuity and positive thinking. The basic yogic values like kindness, gratitude, self discipline and honesty are inculcated. The children are encouraged to use these values and skills in their everyday lives. This helps children become mentally and physically stronger. 

In the last 12 months, Li’l Yogis has crossed many milestones. It has received multiple coverages in leading publications like Mumbai Mirror, Mid-day, Hindustan Times etc. Sabrina Merchant was featured in a 26 episode series called Mothers Menu on Living Foodz channel. Collaborations with brands like High Street Phoenix mall, Safari Kids international school, Market City Phoenix etc have taken the brand to new heights.

About Owner & Founder- Sabrina Merchant

About Owner & Founder- Sabrina Merchant

About Owner & Founder- Sabrina Merchant


Mrs Sabrina Merchant is a passionate and free spirited Mompreneur. She gave up a successful career as a Chartered Accountant to follow her passion for yoga. Being a fitness enthusiast and having *practiced yoga for over 10 years* her mission is to guide children towards a healthier lifestyle. *The motto of Li'l Yogis is not only to teach but to transform.* 

The concept of Li’l Yogis came into existence in December 2018 when Sabrina decided to pass on her love and passion for yoga to her 5yr old daughter Iqra. She used innovative and creative methods to make yoga interesting for Iqra and her friends and this caught the attention of a lot of parents. In a span of a year she has passed on her yoga practice to over 300 children and the number is rapidly growing. Sabrina strongly believes that children are natural yogis from birth.

An expert in her own right and a staunch believer in Karma, Yoga to her is a spiritual journey towards one's inner self, it is not only about postures but a lifestyle that one needs to follow consistently in order to reap all its benefits. Her classes are a  reflection of her thoughts, bringing forth love and respect to the art of yoga, and all that it encompasses. 

Free Trial class

Have a look at our studio:)

Have a look at our studio:)


We at Li’ l Yogis strongly believe that the effect of Yoga is the best when done from the heart. As parents we would want our children to follow a healthy lifestyle. However Yoga Should not be forced onto children.

That is why we offer a Free Trial Class to all kids  coming to the studio for the first time. 

Have a look at our studio:)

Have a look at our studio:)

Have a look at our studio:)

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A special coverage of our studio and the thought and purpose of our existence. 


Anvesha Ahuja Prisha’s Mother

Dimple Kapri Dalai’s Mother

Dimple Kapri Dalai’s Mother

“Gadget monkey, stressed kids or couch potatoes are term we new age moms are overly familiar with. I was scared my daughter was turning into one and that’s when I learnt about Li‘l Yogis. At first I was sceptical thinking that a 4-5 year old won’t have the patience to do Pranayams and chant Om for long but I thought a free trial class won’t hurt. 

My preconceived notions were shattered and how! Along with yoga kids learn new things and do fun activities. Sabrina Merchant is one of the best yoga teachers I have met. The thing I loved most about this class is that Sabrina becomes childlike while conducting the class and that gives a great boost to the children’s imagination. In this class, the kids breathe life into their postures and listen to great stories around them, do fun activities, learn about animals, etc. I followed the classes regularly and I am impressed by what the children do and the fun they bring into the world. 

Join this class to fill colour, clam and fresh air (these classes conducted at a stunning state of art open air rooftop studio) in your child’s life. I can’t help but feel excited for the future of these little yogis and the worlds they’re going to create.”

Dimple Kapri Dalai’s Mother

Dimple Kapri Dalai’s Mother

Dimple Kapri Dalai’s Mother

“There are classes to keep your kids occupied. Then there are some to hone their skills. Some to out do the competition. Some are for fun. Some for physical activity. Some for mental acumen. 

But there is one which will satisfy the soul, sharpen the mind, energise your body and bring it all together as one, to set the basis for a balanced happy life. That’s Lil Yogi’s for you.

A fun way for kids to channelise their energies and subconsciously get in touch with their inner self, an exercise which is more relevant than ever in today’s world. The world needs better individuals and lil yogi aims to be a part of this effort.”

Anisha Andrade Tiana’s Mother

Dimple Kapri Dalai’s Mother

Anisha Andrade Tiana’s Mother

“Li’l Yogis is one of my daughter’s favourite class.  The instructor (Sabrina) has a unique method of teaching little children. Her class is a blessing and I wish many more children would enjoy it.”

Mamta Kanuga

Ira’s Mother 

“A holistic session for kids in  an unbelievable setting. That's what lil yogis is about. Kids love the sessions with the stories and lessons (including how not to watch something on screen while eating and experience the joy of eating)  weaved around the poses. The sessions by Sabrina end in a lovely handout for the kids to take home and for them to conduct their own yoga sessions for the family!!”

Ocean Yoga Book in stores and online


Ocean yoga book in Stores at Title Waves, Bandra.

Online Presence

Online Partners- Amazon.in


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Surya Namaskar

Check out this lovely video of the Surya Namaskar done in our class by these beautiful souls!

Our First Book


Ocean Yoga- is a story with yoga book for children, written and conceptualised by kids yoga expert, Sabrina Merchant. 

The characters Zen and Maya take your child on a sailing trip while demonstrating some flowing asanas that can be done easily at home. The bright illustartions accompanying the fun storyline will inspire your child to try out these poses. The book is a visual treat for your i'l yogi and a healthy way for a parent and child to bond.

Price: Rs 699 + Shipping available on Amazon.in


Sneak Peek into our Class!

Check out this great video

Park Yoga Video

The worst thing that can happen in the current lockdown is the abject lack of physical exercise for our little ones. Li'l  Yogis has announced 21 days of free Parent Child Yoga sessions on Insta Live.

Our first session was a Visit to the Park where we stretch your child"s imagination and take them on a trip to their favourite park.

Aeroplane pose with Yoga!

A super fun, easy and effective way to workout with your baby.

Nursery Rhyme and Yoga

Let your child enjoy their favourite nursery rhyme with yoga.



Yoga for Everyone

Enhance Your Wellness

Enhance Your Wellness

Yoga unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being. Regular practice will help you reach improve and perfect poses, correct posture and positioning, and improve your breathing and outlook on life. 


Enhance Your Wellness

Enhance Your Wellness

Enhance Your Wellness

Yoga is a great way to improve your endurance in other physical activities. After a run, or heavy workout, yoga will help your body relax while stretching, strengthening, and lengthening the muscles you were just working on. 


Calm Your Mind

Enhance Your Wellness

Calm Your Mind

Yoga not only helps improve your body, but also helps with mindfulness and meditation. It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself and get clarity. Focusing on your breath during practice is key to staying in tune with your mind and body.   

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