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How to get fit with your family?

Parents often find it hard to maintain a balance between work , time to workout, managing kids and get some quality ME time. Between managing your kids online school, getting to work on time, balancing meetings and handling after-school activities, there just isn’t enough time. Most parents would agree, that after having a child we tend to neglect our personal health. However with the current pandemic hitting the globe it could be a good idea to consider growing fit as a family. Working out with your family can be a great bonding experience that brings you closer together. Even if you have kids, you can still reclaim your health and get fit. Here’s how you can make it happen. Pick your fit hour – Pick a time that works for everyone at home. It need not have to be the morning slot, you could also consider picking an evening slot. it’s important to schedule your workouts to ensure they happen. It also a good idea to have everyone involved while choosing the time slot and ask for their opinion. Remember this is that time where you want to cut off from everything else and focus on your and your family health. Children always watch and learn and your are there mentor for life. So start by setting the right example and follow the schedule. Choose the type of exercise – With kids involved, it always a great idea to pick exercises that can be done outdoor. Kids love to connect with nature, so going for walks together. Playing a sport together or practising yoga outdoor could be a great idea. You could also want to try choosing different days for different kind of fitness activities. Set fitness goals together- Whether you want to lose weight or simply live a healthier lifestyle, don’t be afraid to get your kids involved in your fitness routine. Exercising together as a family can be an incredibly rewarding experience in more ways than one. Make it fun, engaging and Interesting – Its very important to get creative with your exercises. No matter what type of exercise program your family wants to participate in, there are ways you can spice things up and keep them interesting. From choosing different spaces to go on a walk together, to playing some music while exercising, involving few outdoor games and may be going trekking together or choose a dance class together. There is always an element of fun in everything you do. The possibilities are endless! Do not compete: The ideas to get fit together. Avoid backslashing or competing with each other. Use this time to also focus on building your bond while getting fitter together. Talk, workout, play, share experiences and motivate each other to get better and grow as a family. Focus on togetherness.

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